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The dedicated team at Ctrl Alt Del is working to end poverty 

by providing off-line, off-grid education resources via  mobile technology solutions. 

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Modern-day learning tools often demand internet connectivity and grounded outlets. At CADP we have worked to collect numerous offline copies of open source learning material that would normally be inaccessible to developing countries and under-served locations. Leveraging packages like Khan Academy Lite, Wikipedia for Schools, Medline Plus, and many more, each tablet in the METL kit gives a child access to a wealth of learning materials with no internet access needed. Every kit is customized to fit the specific needs and learning benchmarks of students at all levels from all around the world.



 With over three decades of educational experience, our team works hard to bridge the gap between the modern classroom and the rest of the developing world. With the help of seasoned technology experts, the vision for METL was born with one goal: full off-grid connectivity. Today, each kit contains a variety of off-grid power options to make sure that access to learning is uninterrupted and never at risk. With options like integrated battery backup, USB power supply, automotive power, and solar charging, each kit is designed with the ability to be used almost anywhere in the world.



Students provided with access to education through our METL kits are capable of extraordinary things. For many, a quality education driven by modern, personalized curriculum can open doors never before possible in a child's life. New careers, new ideas, new hopes. In developing countries, the earning power of a person with basic reading , writing, and comprehension skills can alter the trajectory of an entire family. Children develop the power to work toward dreams instead of only surviving, and adults find a world of opportunity they only hoped for before. And it all starts with one kit.

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