About Our Team

We believe that technology has the ability to change the world for the better. 

We believe that personalized learning is the key to student empowerment and grassroots change. 

We believe that connectivity shouldn't be the standard for educational access. 

We believe in Learning Without Limits. 

Mark Haney


Mark Haney is an experienced software and solutions developer. Having volunteered to distribute and install computer-based classrooms in many impoverished countries, he brings insight and solutions to some of the most challenging educational environments.

Greg Wilborn


Greg Wilborn is an education innovator who helps organizations design and implement next generation learning models through visioning, strategic planning, consulting and training. He brings a unique blend of local and international experiences and technology skills to deliver projects with passion and performance. 

Tyler Wildeck


Tyler Wildeck is an experienced writer, editor, and digital marketing guru with experience across a variety of industries. Through his unique blend of storytelling and creativity, Tyler seeks to share the impact and vision of Ctrl Alt Del Poverty all around the world.

Where We Work