What? Who? Why?

Champion kids, so they can achieve dreams.
Sounds corny right?
But so many kids and families around the globe are striving to become the best they can be and so many times it is something as simple as access to education that hinders them.
When Mark and Greg met on a trip to the Dominican Republic, the possibilities just flowed. Each working to provide a spark of hope for every kid, they found that with their respective knowledge base, so much more was possible.
Continue on to read the bios and learn what we know, anything is possible. 

Mark Haney


Mark Haney is an experienced software and solutions developer. Having volunteered to distribute and install computer based classrooms in many impoverished countries, he brings insight and solutions to some of the most challenging educational environments.

Greg Wilborn


Greg Wilborn is an education innovator who helps organizations design and implement next generation learning models through visioning, strategic planning, consulting and training. He brings a unique blend of local and international experiences and technology skills to deliver projects with passion and performance. 

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